Felskorn Torturer

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MobFelskorn Torturer
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Gender Male
Race Inquisitor (Humanoid)
Level 98 - 110
Health 897,396
Wealth 81s 31c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion, Felskorn
Location Stormheim
Status Killable

Felskorn Torturers are inquisitors located in Stormheim.


  • Fiery Blink - Commands a Blazesight Occulus to release a blast of fire towrds the target, inflicting Fire damage to all enemies within 3 yards of the impact.
  • Mind Rend - Tears at the target's mind inflicting Shadow damage.


  • Skovald has tasted the Legion's power. He will claim the Aegis and grant its power to us!
  • This land will be ours!
  • You cannot win, mortal.

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