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The Felstorm shooting up through the floors of the tomb

The Felstorm[1][2][3] is a gigantic swirl of fel situated above the Tomb of Sargeras. In reality an enormous portal leading to the world of Argus,[4][5] it is powered by a powerful source of magic beneath the Tomb that Gul'dan released, marking the beginning of the third invasion of the Burning Legion.[6]

The core of the Felstorm is Felstorm's Breach. It shoots through The Guardian's Sanctum and the Conclave of Torment before being channeled to the apex of the Tomb, just above the Sacristy of Elune.


As the Felstorm darkened the skies above the Broken Isles, the Azerothian forces rallied to the Broken Shore in hopes to counter the invading demonic army. High King Varian Wrynn and Sylvanas Windrunner led the first wave of the Alliance and Horde's armies. Their incoming troops were prematuredly assaulted by infernals and felbats pouring down from the Felstorm.

The Battle for the Broken Shore eventually ended catastrophically with the mortal forces being forced to retreat. Some time later, Turalyon, High Exarch of the Army of the Light, sent Light's Heart to Azeroth through the Felstorm in order for it to reach Prophet Velen. Khadgar's plan consists of using the Pillars of Creation in order to dissipate the Felstorm.[7]


  • The other famous portals that the Legion previously used to get to Azeroth were: the portal inside the Well of Eternity, the portal opened in Dalaran by Kel'Thuzad, the one in the Sunwell, and the Dark Portal.
  • Flying into it will kill the player in a couple seconds.


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