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| race = [[Orc]]
| race = [[Orc]]
| character = [[Hunter]]
| character = [[Hunter]]
| affiliation = [[Old Horde]], [[Thunderlord Clan]]
| affiliation = [[Horde (pre-Thrall)|Horde]], [[Thunderlord Clan]]
| faction = [[Horde]]
| faction = [[Horde]]
| occupation = [[Raiders|Raider]] Captain of the [[Sythegore Arm]]
| occupation = [[Raiders|Raider]] Captain of the [[Sythegore Arm]]

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Fenris the Hunter, Chieftain of the Thunderlord Clan and Captain of the Sythegore Arm, led the few remaining wolfriders in Draenor.

The Blackrock Clan had once been very closely tied to the Thunderlords, and Doomhammer had risen to power through that Clan.

When the Bleeding Hollow Clan returned, Fenris was immediately thrilled, believing that he would be able to return to Azeroth to finish the job that Doomhammer had been unable to. Ner'zhul, however, did not share that vision.

Fenris and his clan were destroyed by the Shadowmoon Clan.

Fenris is name for the fearsome hellhound of Norse mythology.