Festive Lunar Dresses

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NeutralFestive Lunar Dresses

1 (Requires 1)




I have a selection of dresses that may be of interest to you.  Such dresses have been worn in times past during the Lunar Festival, and the selection I have today is perhaps the finest I have ever seen.  Each is hand-crafted with only the finest and softest of components.

In exchange for some coins of ancestry, I will let you choose one of the three styles I have to keep as your own.  Is this acceptable to you?


Very well then - I accept these coins of ancestry.  Please take your dress with my blessing.  Also, please enjoy these complimentary fireworks.

As you have honored your elders, you honor me with your mere presence.  Thank you, and may your Lunar Festival be joyous.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest cloth 57.png [Festive Green Dress] Inv chest cloth 58.png [Festive Pink Dress]
Inv chest cloth 59.png [Festive Purple Dress]
You will also receive:
Inv box 02.png [Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack]


This quest only appeared during the Lunar Festival.

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