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Fevered Prayer (quest)

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NeutralFevered Prayer
Start  [Fevered Prayer]
End Automatic
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category First Aid
Rewards 25x [Order Resources]


Bring 15 Field Packs to the location marked on your map. Treat the Fevered Val'sharah Refugees when you arrive.

  • Treat Fevered Refugees (5)


Dear gods whose names I really can't recall, please answer my prayer and send help.

Our party was attacked by satyrs and now we're feverishly sick and could use some aid immediately.

I believe writing this note is the correct way of summoning a god...


You will receive:
Inv misc questionmark.png 25x Order Resources


  • 5 skill points in First Aid


The Fevered Val'sharah Refugees can be found under the bridge leading to Val'sharah.

<Suffering from a fever. If you know how to treat a fever, you'll know how to heal her/him.>

Gossip Treat the patient's fever.

Fevered Val'sharah Refugee says: Thanks!

The refugees hearthstone away.

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