Fields of Grief

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For the pre-Cataclysm version, see H [7] Fields of Grief.
HordeFields of Grief
Start Apothecary Johaan [44.7, 53.6]
End Apothecary Johaan [44.7, 53.6]
Level 6 (Requires 5)
Category Tirisfal Glades
Experience 410 XP
Reputation +250 Undercity
Rewards 1s 25c
Previous H [5 - 60] Vital Intelligence (optional)
Next H [6] Variety is the Spice of Death


Steal 10 pumpkins from the Solliden Farmstead in Tirisfal Glades.


What have we here? You look like a fledgling <class>. If you hope to prove yourself to the Dark Lady, you need to learn the ways of the Forsaken.

To the west you'll find a farm. Humans infest the land like mold on a rotting corpse. And worse yet, the Scarlet Crusade patrols nearby from their tower. Teach those scum a lesson and steal 10 of their precious pumpkins.

Once you have 10, bring them back to me.


You will receive:1s 25c


Were you able to gather 10 pumpkins yet, <name>?


You have performed your bidding well, young <class>. You are proving yourself to be quite an asset to the Dark Lady's army.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 410 XP (or 2s 40c at level 85)
  • 1s 25c
  • 250 Reputation with Undercity


Pick up H [6] Reaping the Reapers before heading out. Also, Sedrick Calston offers H [6] Ever So Lonely upstairs.

Exit the estate and head west-northwest to reach the farmstead, then go killing and looting. After that, head to the north to reach the beach and capture a murloc by wounding one down to below 50% health and using the leash on it. Then head back to the estate.

This quest used to be given by Deathguard Simmer prior to the Cataclysm.


  1. Complete all of
    • Scarlets
    1. H [6] Reaping the Reapers
    2. H [6] The Scarlet Palisade
    3. H [6] A Scarlet Letter
    • New Plague
    1. H [6] Fields of Grief
    2. H [6] Variety is the Spice of Death
    3. H [6] Johaan's Experiment
  2. H [6] Gordo's Task
  3. H [5] Darkhound Pounding
  4. H [6] Holland's Experiment

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