Fiery Blaze Enchantments

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AllianceFiery Blaze Enchantments

45 (Requires 40)




3,900 (or 23s 40c at level 70)


+250 Ironforge



Acquire a  [Black Drake's Heart] for Sigrun Ironhew.


As an apprentice to Feranor Steeltoe, I learned his special technique for imbuing weapons with fiery enchantments. Last I heard of him, he was working at a smithy with a hunting party up in Lordaeron.

I can't tell you too many of the details about the process, but I can tell you it requires blood from a rare, still-beating black drake whelp's heart. I don't have much to do waiting for word from Ironforge. If you bring me a heart from the whelps in Lethlor Ravine, I'll show you my skill!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry talisman 01.png [Fiery Blaze Enchantment]

You will also gain:


How goes the hunt, <class>?


Ah yes, this will do excellently. This will enable your weapons to strike with searing heat!


The  [Black Drake's Heart] drops from both the Scorched Guardians and the Scalding Whelps in the Lethlor Ravine area of the eastern Badlands. It is not a common drop, however, and may take many kills to obtain. Perhaps the only bonus would be to skinners who can at least skin the dragon corpses.

Even if you don't quit before you find the heart, it is extremely (and even perhaps unreasonably) difficult to find, more akin to trying to find a dragon whelp companion. By the time you do get it, you most likely will promise yourself to never do it on another Alliance character ever again.

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