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NeutralFind Kurun!



2100 (or 1g 26s at 80)


The fallen earthen warrior can be found in the plaza of Thor Modan. Not far away can also be found a Battered Journal, which starts another quest.


Speak with Kurun on the hill overlooking Thor Modan.


The Earthen warrior's stone surface is covered with cracks and gouges. Although it is incapable of bleeding, you can sense that the warrior is near death.

A low, hoarse voice escapes from the dying warrior's mouth.

"Find... Kurun... you must find... Kurun."

It looks at you helplessly as you ask for any clues as to who or what Kurun might be.

"Our... leader... he stands on the... hill overlooking Thor Modan... commands us. Please... tell him... we cannot take... the city... "


<You tell Kurun about the message give to you by the fallen Earthen.>

They fight bravely, but he is right. We will not overcome the iron dwarves of Thor Modan without help. My giants and the Earthen have long struggles against iron's evil, but our forces are not numerous enough to win the battle for Thor Modan. Will you aid us?


Kurun is located at [65.8, 17.8].


  1. N [75] Find Kurun! (optional)
  2. H [75] An Expedient Ally (optional)
  3. N [75] Raining Down Destruction
  4. N [75] Rallying the Troops
  5. N [75] Into the Breach
  6. N [75] Gavrock
  7. N [75] Runes of Compulsion
  8. N [75] Latent Power
  9. N [75] Free at Last

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