Finding Your Center

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AllianceFinding Your Center
Cho at the pagoda

86 (Requires 85)




Item level 384 rings


A [86] Potency, A [86] Body, A [86] Hue


A [86] Sacred Waters, A [86] Rest in Peace, A [86] An Ancient Legend


Cho using a skillet
Cho using a gong
Anduin trapped
Anduin and the Whitepaws

Meditate with Lorewalker Cho at the pagoda at the Dreamer's Pavilion in the Jade Forest.


The dream brew is complete! This time, when you drink it, you must embrace the visions you see from a state of inner focus.

Follow me to my pagoda, and I will teach you how to achieve the inner calm that we pandaren value so much.

Your troubled mind will present you with many distractions, but just remember to stay centered!


Item level 384 rings
Inv jewelry ring 129.png [Friendship Ring] Inv jewelry ring 123.png [Band of Acceptance]
Inv jewelry ring 130.png [Friendly Gift Band] Inv jewelry ring 110.png [Band of Flair]
Inv jewelry ring 129.png [Band of Finding]


  • <Lorewalker Cho watches you with a curious anticipation.>
  • <The Lorewalker's kind eyes rest upon you attentively.>


How did you find me?

<Anduin listens to you describe the vision from the Dream Brew.>

Remarkable! That's exactly what happened several days ago. We've been laying low since then.


  • 110,000 XP


On accept:

Lorewalker Cho says: Do you have everything? Very good! Come with me.
Cho jogs southeast to the red pagoda.
Lorewalker Cho says: In order for this dream brew to show you what you seek, you must reach a place of inner harmony. I can show you how.
Cho sets the Potent Dream Brew down on a bench beside him.
Lorewalker Cho says: Drink up to begin, friend.

Interact with it.

The adventurer takes a sip, then steps back under the pagoda, sitting down in the center.
Keep the spark centered!
Lorewalker Cho says: Now, you must STAY CENTERED. You can focus or relax, but above all else, remain in the center.
Use focus and relaxation to maintain your balance.

The vehicle UI pops up with two actions:

  • Relaxation Moves the bar left. (2 sec cooldown)
  • Focus Moves the bar right. (2 sec cooldown)

Cho will start smacking the adventurer, using fists, a skillet, and hitting a gong, all in an attempt to upset the adventurer's balance. Relax and Focus are not on the GCD, but do have separate two-second-long cooldowns.

Fail, thus dozing off
Lorewalker Cho says: Ah, so very close. But you must remain CENTERED. Inner harmony is crucial to your survival on this land. Come, let us try again!
He douses you with water to wake you up.
Lorewalker Cho says: Patience is a pandaren virtue.

Cho walks over to the player and gives them a quick, jabbing punch.
Lorewalker Cho says: Ah, good, I see you are not easily distracted. We Pandaren are extremely focused on the moment, sometimes to our detriment.
He walks to the side and jabs again as he speaks.
He moves behind the adventurer and breaks out a skillet.
Lorewalker Cho says: I'm so sorry, that did not alarm you did it, hmm? We Pandaren value calm under any circumstance.
He walks to the other side and jabs again. He smiles and nods his approval.
He moves in front of the adventurer and sets up a gong.
Lorewalker Cho says: How about ... THIS?
BOOOOOOOM! He hits it hard.
Lorewalker Cho says: Look at you! The picture of serenity. I knew I liked you.
Cho puts away the gong and stands before the player.
Lorewalker Cho says: Negative emotions, like anger or doubt, they take on a strange power here on Pandaria. But this you will discover in time.
He backs up and gives the player space. The quest completes as the adventurer reaches a state of inner harmony.
Lorewalker Cho says: There - do you feel it? A perfect stillness of the soul! Feel the dream brew take effect.
Lorewalker Cho says: Your consciousness is expanding. Concentrate on who you are looking for. The boy prince - the young lion. Journey through time and space... open the eye of your soul. Do you see him?
The dream brew starts kicking in, as the adventurer's sight travels northeast, from the Dreamer's Pavilion past Pearlfin Village and to the Den of Sorrow. Two Slingtail Hunters are chasing Anduin!
Slingtail Hunter yells: Run, slicky! I dook up your like fer breakfast!
As Anduin nears a crossroads, two more hunters show up from the opposite direction, cornering the prince as they come together and advance on him. Anduin faces the hozen while backing up a few steps.
Anduin Wrynn says: I am Anduin Wrynn, Prince of Stormwind. I won't die here. Not like this!
Anduin casts a stun on one, [Psychic Scream] on the rest, and takes off running. He runs up a cliff trail. At the top, where it spreads out into an open plateau, a male and female pandaren sit in a kneeling position, when Anduin comes up the rise. He pops a [Power Word: Shield] on himself and immediately turns around, realizing he can't go any higher. The pandaren stand on seeing him. He prepares to fight his persuers again. Seeing the three hozen advance on Anduin as he backs up, the male pandaren leaps at the middle one with a flying kick, knocking the hozen far away, as the female takes a fighting stance. It is here that the vision cuts short.
Lorealker Cho says: Oh my! A new urgency has hardened your resolve. I suppose my work here is done.

Take off across the southern end of Jade Forest, past Pearlfin Village to reach the Den of Sorrow. Anduin and the pandaren are where the vision ended at, up on the plateau near the bonfire.


After A [86] SI:7 Report: Take No Prisoners:

  1. A [86] Seek Out the Lorewalker
  2. A [86] Borrowed Brew
  3. A [86] A Visit with Lorewalker Cho
  4. A [86] Potency & A [86] Body & A [86] Hue
  5. A [86] Finding Your Center
  6. A [86] Sacred Waters & A [86] Rest in Peace & A [86] An Ancient Legend
  7. A [86] Anduin's Decision

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