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Fire is one of the mage's talent trees that focuses on dealing great sustained damage while providing excellent mana efficiency; Mages who mainly invest into this tree are referred to as fire mages. Fire builds are quickly becoming the default raid build because of talents like [Molten Fury] which increases a mage's damage vs targets with less than 35% health by as much as 12%. Fire mages excel in mana efficiency when combining talents like [Master of Elements] and [Arcane Concentration] (from the arcane tree) essentially giving the mage a chance to gain mana back when casting a Fire or even a Frost spell. Ignite, a staple talent of the Fire tree makes critical hits from fire spells even more dangerous, setting the target ablaze further damaging them for an additional 40% damage when maxed. [Pyroblast] and [Fireball] are used to damage the target at range, and [Fire Blast], [Blast Wave], and [Dragon's Breath] are all instant-cast spells that can be chained together to finish off the target. In AoE Grinding, fire mages rely on [Flamestrike] in combination with Blast Wave, Dragon's Breath, and the occasional [Frost Nova] to lock enemies in place.

In PvP, the Fire Mage philosophy is: "The best defense is a good offense", due to having a very limited number of defensive abilities such as [Blazing Speed]. However, when played right, a fire mage can ruin someone's day using [Combustion] to deliver an onslaught of crits as well as disorienting them with a well placed [Dragon's Breath].

In PvE, more specifically in raid and groups, Fire Mages excel at AoE damage with abilities such as [Impact], [Combustion], [Blast Wave], [Flamestrike]. Fire Mages are also very good at single target DPS and they can cast most of their spells while moving, with the exception of [Fireball]. Finally, they have great survivability thanks to [Cauterize].

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[Impact] can also proc when someone takes damage from [Molten Armor] giving melee classes a real headache.

PvP Tip: Unless you are 3 minute mage build, this is your best chance of a 1v1 kill with a fire mage. First spell should be [Polymorph] unless target is already in close proximity, in which case spell order should be [Frost Nova] followed by [Polymorph]. Once target has been sheeped the progression is such: Pop best damage trinket, [Pyroblast], [Scorch], [Dragon's Breath], [Blast Wave], Fireblast. Let it be known that due to PvP trinkets that allow many players to prematurely escape your polymorph, it may be preferable to go with a [Fireball] rather than [Pyroblast] in this spell progression. Assuming that your gear is on par for the level enemy player you are trying to waste and your [Combustion] is not on a cooldown this should provide you with a kill.

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