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Firewarden Viton Darkflare

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HordeFirewarden Viton Darkflare
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Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120 Rare Elite
Class Mage
Mana 590,210
Wealth 83s 77c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Stormsong Valley

Firewarden Viton Darkflare is a blood elf located in Stormsong Valley during the Faction Assaults.


  • Spell fire flamebolt.png  Fireball — Inflicts Fire damage to an enemy.
  • Spell fire firebolt.png  Fireball
  • Inv ember.png  Firestorm — Lobs a fiery bolt at all player loactions[sic] every 1 sec for until cancelled inflicting Fire damage to all players within 4 yards of the impact.
  • Spell shaman improvedfirenova.png  Meltdown — Teleports behind a random target and unleashes an eruption of flame, inflicting Fire damage to all players. Players farther from Adhara White[sic] take less damage.
  • Spell arcane blink.png  Blink
  • Spell mage flameorb.png  Cauterizing Flame — The caster sends a torrent of flame to cauterize any wounds an ally has, inflicting 15% of the target's life and then healing back 10% of the target's life every 2 sec. for 6 sec.

Objective of


  • Shorel'aran kim'jael!
  • Selama... ashal'anore...

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