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First Aid

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First Aid Icon WoW Icon 16x16.png First Aid (Profession)

First Aid is a secondary profession which enables a player to heal themselves or others, and to remove poisons. First Aid practitioners may create a variety of bandages which can be used to heal any player. Bandages can be made from either  [Linen Cloth],  [Wool Cloth],  [Silk Cloth],  [Mageweave Cloth],  [Runecloth],  [Netherweave Cloth],  [Frostweave Cloth],  [Embersilk Cloth] or  [Windwool Cloth] (see list of cloths). Higher quality cloth produces more effective bandages. When applied to a character, bandages cannot be reapplied to that same character for the next 60 seconds, until the Recently Bandaged debuff disappears. First Aid practitioners can also make anti-venom consumables from venom sacs dropped by various poisonous monsters (e.g., scorpids and spiders), though they are not as powerful as those created by Alchemists.

Official overview

Physicians save lives in the dangerous world of Azeroth by using bandages and antidotes to heal injuries and remove poisons. By turning cloth of varying quality into potent medical supplies, they can quickly get wounded heroes back into a fight, supplementing (but not replacing) magical means of healing.
First Aid is a secondary profession - anyone can train as a physician, no matter how many other professions they've devoted themselves to.
Antidotes and bandages can be created almost anywhere, as long as you have the appropriate ingredients - cloth (for bandages) and venom sacs (for anti-venom).[1]


First Aid is highly recommended to all classes as a way of reducing downtime between battles, by quickly restoring health after combat. Even classes with healing spells can benefit, since using a bandage after combat will conserve mana, saving the time otherwise spent drinking. Bandages can also be applied to the combat pets.

Bandages, usable in or out of combat, also have a large role in groups and raids. Characters who are not tanking or healing can back away from the battle at hand and apply a bandage to themselves, to help save the healer's mana. However, be warned that being hit (including damage over time spells) while applying a bandage will cancel its channeled heal. A remedy to this problem is to stun, fear, or find some other means to lose the aggro of that monster long enough to get some use out of the bandage. In addition, if you're in a raid instance or boss fight where your classes skills are ineffective (Such as anything with an Anti-Magic Field), or you're silenced or something similar, you can use Bandages to back up the healers temporarily (Just stay away from AOE attacks and you'll be fine)

An attempt to apply the bandage during the fight has a risk of loosing it without any use if the aid procedure has been interrupted by the enemy strike.

Skill level guide

Skill Source Learn
1 Trainer Train First Aid and  [Linen Bandage]
40 Trainer  [Heavy Linen Bandage]
50 Trainer Raise potential to 150
80 Trainer  [Wool Bandage] and  [Anti-Venom]
115 Trainer  [Heavy Wool Bandage]
125 Trainer Raise potential to 225
130 Recipe  [Strong Anti-Venom]
150 Trainer  [Silk Bandage]
180 Trainer  [Heavy Silk Bandage]
210 Trainer  [Mageweave Bandage]
225 Trainer Raise potential to 300
240 Trainer  [Heavy Mageweave Bandage]
260 Trainer  [Runecloth Bandage]
290 Trainer  [Heavy Runecloth Bandage]
300 Recipe  [Powerful Anti-Venom]
300 Trainer Raise potential to 375
300 Trainer  [Netherweave Bandage]
330 Trainer  [Heavy Netherweave Bandage]
350 Trainer WotLK Raise potential to 450
350 Trainer WotLK  [Frostweave Bandage]
400 Recipe WotLK  [Heavy Frostweave Bandage]
425 Trainer Icon Cataclysm 18x18.gif Raise potential to 525
425 Trainer Icon Cataclysm 18x18.gif  [Embersilk Bandage]
475 Trainer Icon Cataclysm 18x18.gif  [Heavy Embersilk Bandage]
525 Trainer Icon Cataclysm 18x18.gif  [Dense Embersilk Bandage]
525 Trainer MoP Raise potential to 600
525 Trainer MoP  [Windwool Bandage]
550 Trainer MoP  [Heavy Windwool Bandage]
600 Automatic MoP  [Heavy Windwool Bandage] (efficient)
1 Recipe WoD Raise potential to 700
1 Recipe WoD  [Antiseptic Bandage]
1 Recipe WoD  [Blackwater Anti-Venom]
1 Recipe WoD  [Fire Ammonite Oil]
1 Recipe WoD  [Healing Tonic]

To begin your first aid career, seek out the First Aid trainer in the starting zone for your race. There are no prerequisites for learning First Aid other than the 10 copper you'll be charged. Once you've acquired the First Aid skill, you can begin making Linen Bandages immediately and your potential skill level will be 75. Thereafter, consult the following table as you progress in First Aid skill.

A level 1 character (with enough gold) can raise their first aid skill to 225, high enough to use [Heavy Runecloth Bandage]s providing another character creates them.

Death knights begin with 270 First Aid skill and knowledge of all trainer-taught recipes up to Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

Training locations

Trainers are located in each city and in several other population centers. Consult the list of trainers or ask a guard for directions. Any trainer may teach you all ranks of First Aid.

The only recipe not taught by a trainer is  [Manual: Strong Anti-Venom].

 [Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage] is a world drop from any level-75 or higher humanoid creature in Northrend, providing that the player has a skill level of 390 in First Aid. However it is not mandatory, as the trainer will teach this recipe.

Optional Quest

Upon completing this quest, you will instead receive 20  [Heavy Runecloth Bandage] and an  [Alliance Trauma Certification]/ [Horde Trauma Certification]. Quest givers are:

Patch changes

You no longer need to complete the "Triage" quest to attain Artisan First Aid. Instead you can learn the Artisan skill from the trainers in the capital cities.
You no longer need to learn First Aid from books. The trainers have finally done their reading and are able to teach you the same thing.
  • Patch 0.9 (2004-08-17): Skill increase rate has been slowed down

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