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HordeFirst Arcanist Thalyssra
Image of First Arcanist Thalyssra
Title First Arcanist of Suramar, Lady,[1] Dusk Lily[2]
Gender Female
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Class Mage
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Suramar, The Nightfallen, Duskwatch, Horde
Former affiliation(s) Kaldorei Empire
Occupation Leader of the Nightborne,
Leader of the Dusk Lily,
Innkeeper (Shal'Aran), Arcanist
Former occupation(s) Advisor to Elisande
Location Various
Status Alive
Student(s) Arcanist Malrodi (former)
I would rather die a nightborne than live a single day as a Legion slave.
— Thalyssra[3]

First Arcanist Thalyssra is the leader of the nightborne of Suramar. Formerly a close advisor of Grand Magistrix Elisande, Thalyssra opposed the alliance with the Burning Legion during their third invasion of Azeroth. Betrayed by Advisor Melandrus during an attempted coup d'état and exiled to the wilds, becoming a nightfallen, Thalyssra joined with the "outlanders" from the floating city of Dalaran and led the rebellion that toppled Elisande and freed Suramar from the Legion. Having established cordial relations with the blood elves of Silvermoon, Thalyssra eventually swore Suramar's allegiance to the Horde, seeking to reclaim her people's place in Azeroth.


Thalyssra as a night elf

Thalyssra was born as a night elf and as a mage, was one of the Highborne. By the time she was an adult she lived in Suramar City before the War of the Ancients, and was one of its many citizens contained inside the shield that was conjured up to protect it from the Great Sundering. Over the centuries, she noted with concern of how she was undergoing transformation, eventually becoming a Nightborne.[4]

As First Arcanist, she had a student named Malrodi.[5]

Twilight of Suramar

Comics title.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Thalysra during her coup

First Arcanist Thalyssra was present when Gul'dan, emissary of the demonic Burning Legion, appeared before the nightborne with his offer: bring down the barrier around Suramar, give him access to the Nightwell and become allies of the Legion, or be destroyed. While Advisor Vandros was willing to submit to the Legion to save their people, Thalyssra argued that the demons would not be making offers at all if they were actually capable of destroying the barrier on their own.

Two days later, the First Arcanist, convinced that Grand Magistrix Elisande would give her people over to the demons in fear, had gathered a small group of nightborne — including Advisor Melandrus — with the intent of preventing Elisande from bringing down the barrier. Though her fellow elves were worried about the risk of becoming exiled and turned into nightfallen, Thalyssra reminded them of how they had resisted the Legion once before during the War of the Ancients, saying that demons would promise anything to get what they wanted, and that she would rather die as a nightborne than live as a Legion slave. During the night, the rebels stormed into the city but were ambushed by Elisande's guards. In the chaos that ensued, Thalyssra and Melandrus managed to slip away and reach the outskirts of the Nighthold. Once there, however, Melandrus raised his sword and stabbed Thalyssra through the back before pushing her over the edge and into the river below. Most of the other rebels were killed, and the barrier was brought down, exposing the city to the Legion. However, unbeknownst to Melandrus and the other nightborne, Thalyssra survived, and began planning for her revenge.[3]

The Nightfallen resistance

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Thalyssra as a nightfallen

Alone, starving, and having to ignore her stab wound for the time being in the wilds outside Suramar City, Thalyssra began to look for allies. Knowing that the Withered are drawn to old settlements like Ambervale, she began heading there to find her old colleague Arcanist Kel'danath, who would likely be there as he was researching a cure for the withered when he was banished.[6] Also hoping to find friendly outsiders, Thalyssra wove a spell into the waves of magical energy emanating from the city which contained an encrypted message, a cry for help.[7] Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran intercepted and deciphered the message and sent an adventurer to Suramar to investigate.

The adventurer soon found Thalyssra in Meredil by following a trail of arcane echoes,[8] and together the two fought their way through swarms of withered to the relative safety of Shal'Aran, an underground refuge where Withered dared not enter.[9] From there, Thalyssra began assembling a resistance movement against Elisande and her Legion allies, recruiting Chief Telemancer Oculeth[10] for his skill with teleportation magic, Arcanist Valtrois[11] for her knowledge of leyline feeds that could power Shal'Aran with arcane energy, and the socialite Ly'leth Lunastre[12] for her connections among Suramar's nobility. She also began offering sanctuary to other nightborne in need, such as Absolon.[13]

Sending her new ally to complete her original objective of finding Arcanist Kel'danath, he turned out to have succumbed to the Withered state[14], but left behind a test subject, Subject 16, who was uncharacteristically pacified for a Withered.[15] By probing Subject 16's memories,[16] the First Arcanist was able to find the cause of his unusual state, which turned out to be the arcan'dor seed kept in Moonshade Sanctum.[17] Her adventurer ally returned to Shal'Aran with the seed and its ancient night elven keeper, Valewalker Farodin, who planted the seed on the central platform of Shal'Aran, where it would in time grow into a full-fledged arcan'dor tree.[18]

Later, as the resistance gathered strength, the arcan'dor needed a powerful influx of more arcane energy than even the leyline feeds arcoss Suramar could provide. First Arcanist Thalyssra, along with Arluin and the adventurer, infiltrated the Arcway to create a manastorm that could give the magical tree the one-time boost of energy that it needed, an effort that cost Arluin his life. Along with Oculeth and Valtrois, Thalyssra was the first to eat the first fruit of the fully grown arcan'dor, which cured her addiction to the Nightwell,[19] and after some time, she recovered from her nightfallen state and returned to the healthy appearance of a normal nightborne.[20]

Thalyssra and her resistance eventually prepared to attack Suramar City itself. They were aided in this endeavor by elven forces from the Alliance and the Horde, led by Tyrande Whisperwind (a native daughter of Suramar City) and Lady Liadrin, who arrived in force to besiege the city. Tyrande remembered that Thalyssra's people hid under Suramar's shield during the War of the Ancients and was cautious if she would betray them and become a ruler like Azshara or Elisande, but still agreed to help them fight the Legion. Liadrin was more sympathetic to the Nightfallen, drawing parallels to her own people's addiction to magic and Legion-twisted leader years before.

Thalyssra is the heroes' main navigator inside the Nighthold raid, providing information and exposition similar to Lorewalker Cho in Mogu'shan Vaults, Khadgar in Hellfire Citadel, and Malfurion in the Emerald Nightmare.

Upon her return to the Nighthold, First Arcanist Thalyssra saw to it that adventurers who helped her liberate Suramar were rewarded with prized mounts from the royal stable.[21] With Elisande's death, she becomes the new leader of the nightborne, promising to uphold their promise to aid Azeroth with repelling the Legion, rather than aiding them. Following her rise as leader, she makes the decision to not re-stabilize the Nightwell, which had become unstable and was dwindling without the Eye of Aman'thul, which had been brought to Dalaran. Valtrois argued against this, claiming that the well may still provide great power for the nightborne if it can be saved, but Thalyssra states that the nightborne must learn to live without the Nightwell, lest they fall prey to it as they had under Elisande.


Thalysra and Liadrin at Thalyssra's Estate.

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Thalyssra, now the ruler of Suramar and its people, has relocated to the Nighthold. Since the joint elven effort to oust the Burning Legion, Thalyssra has maintained good relations with the blood elves through her positive interactions with Lady Liadrin, and from this has established an alliance between Suramar and Silvermoon. Liadrin's Horde allies can be seen assisting in Suramar's rebuilding efforts.

When Sylvanas Windrunner summoned the Horde's leaders to seek out new allies, Liadrin suggested the nightborne; Sylvanas, intrigued by what Suramar's strength and resources could bring to the Horde, approved. Liadrin and the Horde champion then travel to Thalyssra's estate to offer the first arcanist a formal invitation to Silvermoon City on behalf of Quel'Thalas' ruler, Lor'themar Theron. While there, Liadrin and Thalyssra discuss the advantages of membership in the Horde. One of several pertinent factors for Thalyssra is to ensure her people enjoy the freedom to affect the world while upholding their traditions, which she feels is not offered by the Alliance. Thalyssra further reflects on her comparatively sour relations with Tyrande Whisperwind and the kaldorei, who while natural allies to her people on the surface, proved otherwise due to "arrogance and mistrust." The first arcanist conjures a brief reenactment of her exchange with Tyrande during the events leading up to the siege of Suramar to illustrate such, and then readily accepts the invitation to Silvermoon and hopes to inquire about a place for the nightborne in the Horde.

Accompanied by Valtrois and Silgryn, Thalyssra meets the regent lord of Quel'Thalas in his palace; she and Lor'themar quickly take to one another, each insisting that friends call one another by their first names. Lor'themar then leads the nightborne retinue to the Sunwell, and Thalyssra observes its properties, contrasting it to the Nightwell. During the visit, Lor'themar's other guest, Alleria Windrunner, inadvertently draws a group of void beasts to the Sunwell, who overwhelm the plateau's guardians and attempt to corrupt it. Thalyssra, Valtrois, and Silgryn join the battle, and the first arcanist adds her magical strength to that of Alleria and Rommath to close a huge rift portal looming above the Sunwell.

In the battle's aftermath, Thalyssra, impressed by the regent's dedication to his people and seeing that the Horde has allowed the sin'dorei to uphold their own ancient traditions, formally pledges the allegiance of Suramar to the Horde.[22][23][24] Feeling Suramar's new alliance with the Horde offered them a fresh start, Thalyssra sent nightborne adventurers to meet with Ambassador Blackguard at the Orgrimmar Embassy in Kalimdor and encouraged them to fight to defend Azeroth and claim a place for the shal'dorei within it.[25] After said adventurers showed the will and courage the nightborne possess, the First Arcanist called them back home to Suramar to honor them with a symbol of Suramar's gratitude.[26]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Thalyssra was part of the Horde's strike team to free Princess Talanji and Zul of the Zandalari from the Stormwind Stockade. While on the mission they also encountered Varok Saurfang, who had recently been captured at the Battle for Lordaeron. While Varok refused to go with them, they did accomplish their mission to free Zul and Talanji before fleeing the city.[27] Upon arriving in Zuldazar the Horde began trying to earn the Zandalari's trust, and Thalyssra opened a portal to call in Oculeth who then set up portals to Horde cities. Believing that the newly elected Speaker of the Horde is on the right track to gaining the trust of the Zandalari Empire, Thalyssra departed from Dazar'alor in order to attend to her other duties.[28]

Thalyssra attended Talanji's coronation.[29]

When Baine was arrested and Zelling was killed for their parts in freeing Derek Proudmoore from Horde captivity, Thalyssra was reminded of the rebellion against Elisande and hoped that Baine did not earn a blade in the back as she had. She decided to seek council with Lor'themar due to the similar experiences between their people.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Shal'Aran 110 831,414
N [110] All In 110 8,314,140
N [110] Essence Triangulation 110 41,570,700
Suramar City 110 15,589,005
H [110 - 120] The Stormwind Extraction 110 748,100
H [110 - 120] Speaker of the Horde 117 30,377
H [120] The Rite of Kings and Queens 120 2,168,050


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  • Greetings.
  • Aran'arcana.
  • One day at a time.
  • Our isolation has ended.
  • The Nightwell calls to me. (Strangely, she keeps saying this line even after completing N [110] Arcan'dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi)
  • Are all outlanders this... eager?
  • All right, time to go.
  • <sigh> Ten thousand years of paradise, and now I'm stuck here with you.
  • I am so putting that shield back up when this is all over.
  • An'ratha adore.
  • Be careful who you trust.
  • Suramar must be free.
  • The shal'dorei will be redeemed.
  • We are only as strong as our will.


  • The Nightwell is a font of incredible power. We must not allow the Legion to make use of it.
  • I hope my comrades have fared better than me.
  • <Thalyssra brings a hand to her gaunt cheek.>
My body has deteriorated so quickly...
It seems we Nightborne live each day upon the razor's edge.
  • I will free Suramar from the Legion, but first I must regain my strength.
And we need a plan...
  • Buy I wish to trade.
  • Gossip I wish to bind my hearthstone here.
 [Mana Divining Stone]
Gossip I need another Mana Divining Stone.
Post-N [110] Friends On the Outside

Gossip <Gain Ward of the First Arcanist for 50 [Ancient Mana].>

Spend 50 [Ancient Mana] to gain Ward of the First Arcanist?

<Thalyssra is shaking uncontrollably and can barely speak. <Her hunger must be sated before all else.>


It had to be this way. We no longer need the Nightwell, nor its power.

We must forge our own destiny.

The nightborne are truly free. We no longer need the Nightwell, nor its power.

We must forge our own destiny.

Nightborne starting zone

Greetings, <Name>! New lands and allies await us across Azeroth.

Oculeth has portals prepared downstairs when you are ready.

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Post-H [120] A Display of Power
Our rebellion against Elisande was just, and it earned me a blade in the back. I pray Baine does not meet a similar fate.
The nightborne are still new to the Horde. Perhaps I should seek Lor'themar's council. He understands what my people have endured, and I have learned much through our conversations.


First Arcanist Thalyssra
Rep Item Cost Type Other
Friendly  [Nightfall Slippers] 500g Cloth hands
 [Irongrove Refugee Boots] 500g Leather hands
 [Footpads of the Nightrunners] 500g Mail hands
 [Scavenged Felsoul Sabatons] 500g Plate hands
Honored  [Braided Manastring Cinch] 1000g Cloth waist
 [Deathlord's Gauntlets] 500g Plate hands
 [Battlelord's Gauntlets] 500g Plate hands
 [Gauntlets of the Silver Hand] 500g Plate hands
 [Farseer's Gauntlets] 500g Mail hands
 [Grips of the Unseen Path] 500g Mail hands
 [Gloves of the Shattered Abyss] 500g Leather hands
 [Gloves of the Dreamgrove] 500g Leather hands
 [Grandmaster's Palms] 500g Leather hands
 [Gloves of the Uncrowned] 500g Leather hands
 [Gloves of Tirisgarde] 500g Cloth hands
 [Gloves of the High Priest] 500g Cloth hands
 [Gloves of the Black Harvest] 500g Cloth hands
 [Mobile Telemancy Beacon] 300g Toy
 [Boon of the Manaseeker] 100g Shoulder enchant
 [Treasure Map: Suramar] 20g Treasure map
Revered  [Mana-Soaked Amethyst Pendant] 5,000g Neck
 [Home Made Party Mask] 500g Toy
 [Extinguished Eye] 500g Companion
Exalted  [Deathlord's Mantle] 500g Plate shoulders
 [Battlelord's Pauldrons] 500g Plate shoulders
 [Spaulders of the Silver Hand] 500g Plate shoulders
 [Farseer's Shoulderguards] 500g Mail shoulders
 [Spaulders of the Unseen Path] 500g Mail shoulders
 [Spaulders of the Shattered Abyss] 500g Leather shoulders
 [Amice of the Dreamgrove] 500g Leather shoulders
 [Grandmaster's Shoulderguards] 500g Leather shoulders
 [Shoulderblades of the Uncrowned] 500g Leather shoulders
 [Mantle of Tirisgarde] 500g Cloth shoulders
 [Spaulders of the High Priest] 500g Cloth shoulders
 [Amice of the Black Harvest] 500g Cloth shoulders
 [Nightfallen Tabard] 300g Tabard
Formula: Enchant Ring - Binding of Critical Strike (Rank 3) 1,500g Enchanting formula Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring - Binding of Mastery (Rank 3) 1,500g Enchanting formula Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Ring - Binding of Versatility (Rank 3) 1,500g Enchanting formula Rank 3
Formula: Enchant Cloak - Binding of Intellect (Rank 3) 1,500g Enchanting formula Rank 3
Design: Subtle Shadowruby Pendant (Rank 3) 1,500g Jewelcrafting design Rank 3
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Bracers (Rank 3) 1,500g Tailoring pattern Rank 3
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Pantaloons (Rank 3) 1,500g Tailoring pattern Rank 3
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Slippers(Rank 3) 1,500g Tailoring pattern Rank 3
Paragon  [Leywoven Flying Carpet] Special Mount

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