Flame Throwing

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Flame Throwing
Spell fire flare.png
  • Flame Throwing (2 ranks)
  • Fire, Tier 3
  • Increases the range of your Fire spells except Frostfire Bolt by 3/6 yds.
Points required



Fire spells (except [Frostfire Bolt])

Flame Throwing is a mage talent that increases the range of Fire spells (but for [Frostfire Bolt]) by 3 yds per rank, up to 6 yds at max rank 2. This talent is useful in most every PvE and PvP build that makes primary use of Fire spells. This talent is especially useful for [Fire Blast], which has a fairly short range.

Similar mage talents exist for other spells schools - [Arctic Reach] in the frost tree extends the range of Frost spells, while [Magic Attunement] in the arcane tree extends the range of Arcane spells.

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