Flame Wreath

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Flame Wreath is an ability used by Shade of Aran during his encounter in the abandoned tower of Karazhan, and is one of the most common reasons for a raid's wipe during this attack. The spell creates a circle of fire around three characters in the raid. Should anyone outside these circles cross, the entire raid group will be wiped. A common protection against this is for every raid member to remain still until the spell has expired.


  • Alert your fellow raid members. Commonly, shouting "Wreath" is used to alert everyone to stop moving.
  • Ranged players (Rangers, casters, etc.) who are encircled can safely cause DPS on Aran.
  • It is safe for Melee to continue to attack Aran, so long as they are close enough.
  • Members who are not encircled and must avoid Aran's attacks may move, but are advised to do so carefully.
  • Remain still until the spell has expired.
  • A group prayer of this chant is also advised. See Shade of Aran Chant.


  • The behaviour of Flame Wreath as seen in-game was unintended, due to an oversight by the designer. The effect was only intended to affect those targeted by Flame Wreath, but the designer forgot to make the spell check for this. As a result, the effect would trigger when any player crossed the circle, making it exponentially more impactful on the raid's strategy.[1]