Flamefly Trap

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NeutralFlamefly Trap
Start Oralius
End Oralius
Level 100 (Requires 98)
Type Daily Dungeon
Category Upper Blackrock Spire
Experience 15070
Rewards  [Box of Storied Treasures]
15g 40s
Previous N [100] Oralius' Adventure


Collect a Spire Flamefly in Upper Blackrock Spire.


Ol' Winky still hasn't come back! Now I'm gettin' worried.

Do me a favor and get another one of those flameflies from Upper Blackrock Spire. If we get enough of em,' Winky's sure to see the glimmer and come heading on back.

An then we'll have him right where we want him!


You will receive:  [Box of Storied Treasures] and 15g 40s.


Did ye get another fly?


Oi, that's a bright fly! Thank ye, we'll just keep on tryin' until that two-timing ol' Winky comes on home.


  • 15070 XP

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