Flashbang Rothman

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HordeFlashbang Rothman
Image of Flashbang Rothman
Title <Cartographer>
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 70,946
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Location Krazzworks, Twilight Highlands
Status Alive

Flashbang Rothman is a goblin quest giver located at the Krazzworks in the Twilight Highlands. He believes that Brett the Bomber doesn't know what he is doing, has chosen the wrong location and that he is a jerk.



  • Flashbang Rothman says: <name>, Savior of the Krazzworks!
  • Flashbang Rothman says: I have plenty of emergency pool ponies, <name>. Please throw them to our laborers in the water below.

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