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Flaunt It If You Got It (Alliance)

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AllianceFlaunt It If You Got It

120 (Requires 120)




23g 40s

For the Horde version of this quest, see H [120] Flaunt It If You Got It.


Drink a bottle of Moneybrau, purchase a round of drinks at the bar in Bizmo's Brawlpub, and hit a fighting player with an Amberseed Bun while standing in the VIP Lounge.


Sigh... so dull...

Oh, it's you! <name>, was it? I've seen a few of your fights. They're slightly less tedious than the standard humdrum bloodsport this arena has been producing lately.

Let's spice things up a bit. Maybe buy some expensive drinks for ourselves? Buy a round of the cheap stuff for the riffraff below? Maybe even toss a few amberseed buns at the combatants?


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Ha hah! I KNEW you knew how to party.

I'm in a much better mood now. This is the most entertained I've been since that quartermaster was murdered!


  1. A [120] Murder at the Brawlpub
  2. A [120] Put Up Your Dukes
  3. A [120] Undercover Agent: Ann Dennyson
  4. A [120] The Financial Participation Incentive
  5. A [120] A Favor for Your Old Chum Winifred
  6. A [120] Lord Browne's Debts
  7. A [120] Evidence Packet: Lord Winifred Browne
  8. A [120] Undercover Agent: Saralara Fizzlesprang
  9. A [120] Soul Splinters
  10. A [120] Super Soul Splinters
  11. A [120] Cause for Concern
  12. A [120] The Precious 13-Tooth Gogglegear
  13. A [120] The Fizzlesprang Goggle Experiment
  14. A [120] Evidence Packet: Shadowmaster O'Flannerty
  15. A [120] Undercover Agent: Silent Jussho
  16. A [120] Flaunt It If You Got It
  17. A [120] Simply Dying of Boredom
  18. A [120] Evidence Packet: Grant Lazarby
  19. A [120] The Brawlpub Trial
  20. A [120] A Clue from Area 52
  21. A [120] Solving the Mystery

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