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"'Dese 'Mogu,' dey workin' wicked dark magic here. Da Saurok, 'dey not born - 'dey was created. Flesh shaped an' bent. Dis be the blackest of magics, mon!"

Flesh-shaping is an extremely painful process which is used on living animals. It "stretches" skin, bone and flesh on animals, forming it into new shapes, while they're alive and screaming loudly. Mastering this power requires decades of study.[2] The Engine of Nalak'sha was the source of the mogu's flesh-shaping power.[3][4] In the Halls of Flesh-Shaping lies the mysterious substance responsible for all mogu flesh-shaping experiments.[5]

Upon entering the Dark Rookery, Vol'jin felt the residue from the creation of the saurok. According to him, the magic that could remake something so completely came from the dawn of time, and the titans had used such magic in their acts of creation. The incredible powers of such sorcery cannot be understood, let alone mastered, by a sound mind, but dreams of it fuels flights of fancy. Vol'jin thought that the same magic that had created the first saurok could unmake the murlocs that had killed his father or cause humans to regress back to vrykul. However, he also realized that in thinking that, he was falling prey to the same trap as the mogu. Immortal magic will inevitably corrupt a mortal, destroying the wielder and, likely, his people.[2]

Created by flesh-shaping