Flight Training: Full Speed Ahead

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NeutralFlight Training: Full Speed Ahead

90 (Requires 90)




19g 84s 50c



Follow Instructor Windblade.

  • Instructor Windblade's course completed


The next task will be a little harder.

Are you ready?


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


I hope I do not need to question your dedication.


You did better than I expected. Not bad for a new trainee.



Instructor Windblade says: Your cloud serpent approaches, <name>. When you are ready, hop on and we will begin.
Instructor Windblade says: Students of our Order test their speed in an aerial competition known as the Sky Race.
Instructor Windblade says: I will teach you the rules of this race. Follow me!
Instructor Windblade says: I will gain speed as the exercise continues. Try to keep up.
Instructor Windblade says: I will guide you with this rope. If you get too far away from me, it will break and I will be forced to restart the exercise.
Instructor Windblade says: If you start to get too far, I will warn you. If you continue to stray, I will not hesitate to fail you.
Instructor Windblade says: Do you see the hanging pennants above our heads? These flags mark the race course. If you ever get lost, you can use these flags as a guide.
Instructor Windblade says: Spread among the spires are 10 hot air balloons, or checkpoints. We are passing one just now.
Instructor Windblade says: In a real race, you will need to fly through each checkered flag to get credit for passing the checkpoint.
Instructor Windblade says: You must fly through all 10 checkpoints before you can finish the race.
Instructor Windblade says: The pennants mark the race course, but you will not be penalized for finding other routes.
Instructor Windblade says: You may find that other paths are faster.
Instructor Windblade says: I have shown you part of the course. Now, let us see the finish line. Follow me!
Instructor Windblade says: Remember, in a real race, you will compete against the other trainees in the Order.
Instructor Windblade says: The stakes will be high.
Instructor Windblade says: The faster you race, the better your prize.
Instructor Windblade says: This is the finish line. After you have thrown through all 10 checkpoints, fly under the finish line to lock in your place.
Instructor Windblade says: That concludes our lesson.


Optional breadcrumb: B [90] The Order of the Cloud Serpent

  1. N [90] Wild Things
  2. N [90] Beating the Odds & N [90] Empty Nests & N [90] Egg Collection
  3. N [90] Choosing the One
  4. N [90] The Rider's Journey
  5. N [90] It's A...
  6. Get to revered with daily quests and N [90] Onyx To Goodness (repeatable)
  7. N [90] They Grow Like Weeds (at revered
  8. N [90] Flight Training: Ring Round-Up
  9. N [90] Flight Training: Full Speed Ahead
  10. N [90] Flight Training: In Due Course
  11. Get to exalted with daily quests and N [90] Onyx To Goodness (repeatable)
  12. N [90] Riding the Skies

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