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Flint Oremantle

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NeutralFlint Oremantle
Image of Flint Oremantle
Title <Son of the Stonefather>
Gender Male
Race Earthen (Humanoid)
Location Various in Deepholm
Status Alive
Relative(s) Stonefather Oremantle (father)

Flint Oremantle, son of Stonefather Oremantle, is adventurers' first contact with the earthen of Deepholm. The quest chain that revolves around him ends with adventurers recovering the middle fragment of the World Pillar.


Players are introduced to and assist Flint through the quests:

At Needlerock Slag, Flint offers the quest:

Towards the end of the quest chain, players assist Flint one more time:


After the quest: Take him to the Earthcaller

  • You must fly up to Stonehearth, aid my people against the stone troggs,and free my father.
I will meet you there shortly after speaking with the Earthcaller.
Don't let him die, <player>, or I will put you in the ground myself!
  • My father is close, I know it! We have to bust through their defenses and rescue him!

Following: The Middle Fragment

  • You've taught me much what it means to have friends, <Player>.

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