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Fly Out to Meet Them

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HordeFly Out to Meet Them

120 (Requires 120)




2g 34s


H [120] Parting Mists



Ride back to Zuldazar with Hexlord Raal.


De Alliance scum will pay for dis! Our army is moving as fast as it can to defend our city.

Ride with Raal to get back to de entrance to our city. We must stop de Alliance!


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,800 XP


We cannot go further, de Alliance are swarming my city!

Criteria of


Flying to Zuldazar
Hexlord Raal says: I cannot believe dis, tricked by de Alliance! Dey sacrificed all dese soldiers to bring us away from de city.
Hexlord Raal says: Dose explosion I heard... dat must have been de Zandalari fleet!
Hexlord Raal says: If de Alliance somehow destroyed de fleet, den de harbor is completely defenseless. Dey will be swarming de city!
Hexlord Raal says: Zuldazar will not fall to dese Alliance. We are strong and we are united!
Hexlord Raal says: And I swear, we will kill every member of de Alliance who has dared strike against us!
After landing, Horde soldiers can be seen running into the city.


  1. H [120] War Is Here
  2. H [120] Ride of the Zandalari
  3. H [120] No One Left Behind & H [120] A Path of Blood
  4. H [120] Retaking the Outpost
  5. H [120] Putting the Gob in Gob Squad & H [120] Re-rebuilding the A.F.M.O.D. / H Rogue [120] Minesweeper
  6. H [120] It's Alive!
  7. H [120] The Battle of Zul'jan Ruins
  8. H [120] We Have Them Cornered
  9. H [120] Zandalari Justice, H [120] None Shall Escape & H [120] Breaking Mirrors
  10. H [120] Telaamon's Purge
  11. H [120] Parting Mists
  12. H [120] Fly Out to Meet Them
  13. H [120R] Battle of Dazar'alor
  14. H [120] The King's Death
  15. H [120] The Return of Derek Proudmoore

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