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Fodder to the Flame

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Fodder to the Flame
Ability maldraxxus demonhunter.png
  • Fodder to the Flame
  • Demon hunter ability
  • 0 yd range
  • 2 min cooldown
  • Instant cast
  • Commission a duel to the death against a Condemned Demon from the Theater of Pain. Vanquishing your foe releases its demon soul and creates a pool of demon blood that lasts for 30 sec. Fighting within the pool increases your attack speed by 20% and reduces the damage that enemies deal to you by 10%.

    Fleshcraft treats the Condemned Demon as a powerful enemy.
Usable by



2 min

Fodder to the Flame is a demon hunter ability unlocked for members of the Necrolord Covenant.

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