Fog of War (quest)

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For the game term, see Fog of War.
AllianceFog of War

120 (Requires 120)




500x [Azerite]
2g 34s



Have Brother Pike use the Abyssal Scepter.


Do not mind this, I am finishing off this insect. You have bigger matters to handle.

Our army is moving within Zalamar as we speak. But the Horde will know our army's true size without aid.

Speak with Brother Pike and have him perform the ritual with the Abyssal Scepter to cover Nazmir in a thick fog.

He claims the illusion will also mimic an entire fleet off the beach. Let us hope he is right.

I will join you once I finish with this stain upon Azeroth.


You will receive:


We don't have time to discuss this, <name>. We must begin.


We have our fog, now we have to move.


On accept, you will be phased. The Alliance forces on the Far Reach have arrived and cleared out the blood trolls. To the left, the 7th Legion, Gilneans, and Sentinels are at the ready with Jaina Proudmoore and Mathias Shaw, while the Dark Irons and void elves are apparently staying to keep the area secure.

Have Brother Pike use the Abyssal Scepter

The Abyssal Scepter is a powerful artifact. Give me the word, and I shall unleash its power.

Know that once the fog comes, we will have to move quickly before the Horde and the Zandalari catch on to our plan.

Gossip I'm ready, use the Abyssal Scepter to create the fog to hide our forces.

Pike holds the Scepter above his head and empowers it.
Brother Pike says: Tides, grant us power, cover this cursed swamp in your fog, create the veil of a fleet within it!
He briefly hovers off the ground, and thick fog forms in an instant.
Brother Pike says: It is done. I will bring the scepter back to the Far Reach. Good luck to you all.
He walks away down the path to the east.


  1. A [120] The Fall of Zuldazar
  2. A [120] The March to Nazmir
  3. A [120] Repurposing Their Village & A [120] Dark Iron Machinations
  4. A [120] Fog of War
  5. A [120] Lurking in the Swamp
  6. A [120] Zul'jan Deluge
  7. A [120] Showing Our Might & A [120] Taming their Beasts & A [120] The Mech of Death
  8. A [120] Taking the Blood Gate
  9. A [120] He Who Walks in the Light

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