Following the Young Home

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NeutralFollowing the Young Home

85 (Requires 84)




9g 40s



Use the Mother's Flame on Obsidian Eggs to release whelps. Follow those hatchlings to the lair of their mother.

Provided item:  [Mother's Flame]


In the southwestern portion of the Obsidian Forest, you will find some of the black egg clutches. Many of the eggs can be hatched at any time with a bit of prodding from the right flame, and as the whelplings hatch, they will cry out and flock for their mother.

Do not worry, if this purging is to be taken to the whelps, that is not a task that I will force on you. I simply want you to let them out and follow them home as they seek their mother. It is she who we must confront.


You will receive: 9g 40s (or 16g 54s at max level)


Lirastraza sent me ahead to the lair, suspecting the black dragon we are seeking may still be here. Judging by the hatchlings, it seems she was not mistaken.


Fly due south from Lira's position. Egg clutches are found at the incinerated bases of trees, guarded by a dragonspawn. Kill the guard and use the item.

Follow the hatchlings into the Obsidian Lair.

Do so. The lair is the cave to the southwest marked on the map. Follow the whelps in and cross the bridge over the water and Baleflame will run in toward the back of the cave.

Baleflame says: Lira sent me to watch your backs. If Obsidia is in here, I'll keep her busy while you finish her off.

Keep running to the back of the cave to find Baleflame. Quickly interact with Baleflame, if he's not busy fighting Obsidia, to complete this quest and pick up N [85] Last of Her Kind.


  1. B [85] Warm Welcome
  2. N [85] Even Dragons Bleed
  3. N [85] Draconic Mending / N [85] Life from Death
  4. N [85] In Defense of the Redoubt
  5. N [85] Encroaching Twilight / N [85] Breach in the Defenses / N [85] Far from the Nest
  6. A [85] Mathias' Command / H [85] Patchwork Command
  7. B [85] Easy Pickings / B [85] Precious Goods
  8. (H [85] The Gates of Grim Batol)
  9. B [85] If The Key Fits
  10. B [85] Pressing Forward
  11. N [85] Enter the Dragon Queen
  12. N [85] Battle of Life and Death
  13. N [85] And the Sky Streaked Red
  14. N [85] A Fitting End / N [85] Blackout / N [85] Shining Through the Dark
  15. N [85] Following the Young Home
  16. N [85] Last of Her Kind

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