Footman Chuck

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AllianceFootman Chuck
Image of Footman Chuck
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 10-30
Affiliation(s) Valiance Expedition
Occupation Footman
Location Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra
Status Alive

Footman Chuck is a footman of the Valiance Expedition at the Valiant Rest inn of Valiance Keep. Along with his fellow soldiers Rob, George and Mitch, Chuck asks for one last beer before departing for the front.


Footman Rob says: One last drink before we head to the front?
Footman George says: Sure, why not?
Footman Rob says: Barkeep! Bring out your strongest ale! We're off to the front.
James Deacon says: You lads know the drill. No alcohol to servicemen on duty. You want the general to kill me himself?
Footman Rob says: You'll surely make an exception for us, eh? We might not come back.
James Deacon says: All right, all right... but you didn't get these from me!
Footman Rob says: I guess that's it then. Off we go.
Footman Chuck says: That was the worst beer I've ever had.
Footman Mitch says: Hey, guys! Wait up!

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