Forbidden Knowledge

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NeutralForbidden Knowledge

95 (Requires 94)




13g 40s



Recover 6 Shadow Tomes from Veil Shadar.


<Darkscryer Raastok narrows his eyes and looks you up and down.>

So, you are Iskar's hired hand? Well, I care not whether you are a <race> or an overgrown moth, so long as you are willing to help.

The Adherents of Rukhmar are closed-minded fools! They forbid the study of shadow magic, branding as heretics anyone who dares to seek answers in the dark.

We kept many tomes of forbidden knowledge in Veil Shadar. Bring any you find to me, and I will reward you for keeping them from the flames.


You will receive: 13g 40s


What kind of sick individual burns a book full of perfectly good dark arts?!


Yes, yes. Excellent work, these are some of my favorites.

Knowledge is power, and now I can leave for the spires feeling well-armed.

On complete

Darkscryer Raastok says: Ahh, these will be worthy companions for the long journey home.
Raastok walks off.
Darkscryer Raastok says: Perhaps we shall meet again, yes?



Pick up N [95] The Purge of Veil Shadar and N [95] Kura's Vengeance before heading out.

Southeast to Veil Shadar. Keep killing arakkoa for N [95] Burning Sky if necessary. Speak with Outcast Darktalon to send them on their way. Find various books on such enlightening topics as:

  • Act Like a Crone, Think Like a Sage
  • Augury Without Bounds
  • Basketweaving the Sinister Way
  • Curses: A Practical Guide
  • Eat, Scry, Love
  • What Exactly is Scrying Anyway?
  • Fifty Layers of Shadow
  • How To Jinx Your Enemies Without Really Trying
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Hexxers
  • The Art of Darkness

in tents and on rocks in Veil Shadar. At the eastern end of the quest area, in a cave just uphill, find Wing-Guard Kuuan.

By this point, the quota for N [95] Burning Sky should be filled, so turn in those quests just to the north of Wing-Guard Kuuan's cave closer to Aruuna.


  1. N [94] As the Smoke Rises (optional breadcrumb)
  2. N [95] Pyrophobia
  3. N [95] What the Draenei Found
  4. N [95] Kura's Vengeance

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