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Forge of Domination

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The Forge of Domination (or Domination Forge) is a runeforge located somewhere within Torghast. It is tended by the Runecarver, and it was here where Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination worn by the Lich King were created.

In Shadowlands, it will serve as a new system allowing players to craft their own legendaries through Domination Armor,[1] using runes gathered in Torghast as material.[2] The system has also been described to involve the player taking a profession-crafted "base-level piece", other components found in the world such as souls which are part of a "Domination kit", the ability the player wants, and combining it all at the Forge to make a legendary item.[1]


  • The being tending the Forge has also been referred to as "the Blacksmith"[1] and "the Runesage".