Forge of Origination

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Uldum, the titan-forged stronghold housing the Forge of Origination.

The Forge of Origination is a powerful titan-forged device that was crafted by Archaedas and Mimiron[1] and installed in the jungles of Uldum by Highkeeper Ra and his followers during the ordering of Azeroth. The Forge of Origination would serve a dual purpose: it would regulate the rhythms of the earth and fortify the world-soul's form, but if the planet became corrupted, the Forge would eradicate all life in the world, allowing it to start anew. Its twin, the Forge of Wills, was constructed in Ulduar with a different but complementary purpose. After installing the forge, Ra assigned some of his tol'vir and anubisath servants to watch over it, while he and the rest of his followers continued west to establish Ahn'Qiraj.[2]

Many years later, the mogu warlord Lei Shen defeated and claimed the power of Ra. Having learned from Ra of the Pantheon's demise, Lei Shen, calling himself the "Thunder King", took it upon himself to continue the work of the titans. Thus, he announced his intent to claim the Forge of Origination as part of his empire. As the Thunder King and his Zandalari allies marched towards Uldum, the region's tol'vir guardians knew that they could not stand against him in battle. Instead, after having configured the weapon to only affect the surrounding region, they activated the Forge of Origination. All life on the surface of Uldum died instantly, and the lush jungle turned into a barren desert.[3]

Thousands of years later, the Forge of Origination was disabled by Brann Bronzebeard and a band of adventurers in order to stop it from being used by Deathwing's servants.[4]