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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Forgol is a male shaman from the Krenka tribe of centaur who live in the Barrens. After having a vision showing the final resting place of Krenka, the tribe founder, he resolved to find the remains and return them to his tribe.

"The Krenka have not been doing well of late. Rival centaur clans slowly gobble up Krenka lands, and recent raids against orcs, tauren and harpies have been poor at best."[1]

He wanted to do this in order to help his tribe during their troubling times, but also hoped to move up in the tribe hierarchy if he succeeded. He traveled with an escort of centaur to the Wailing Caverns but it is implied that he eventually ran into a group of heroes and his mission was thwarted.

Forgol can speak Low Common, unlike his fellow tribe members, and Krenkese, which is the tribes' own language.[2]