Forgotten Denizen

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MobForgotten Denizen
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Gender Both
Race Eredar (Undead)
Level 110
Health 3,117,801
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mac'Aree

Forgotten Denizens are eredar located in Mac'Aree. One of them own a Domesticated Chitinbuk.

They also appear at Kil'jaeden's Terrace during N [110WQ] Bully Pulpit.


  • Arcane Bolt - Hurls a magical bolt at an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage.
  • Eldritch Lapse - The caster bursts with mysterious power, inflicting Arcane damage and silencing all nearby enemies.


  • I waited so long...
  • I wish I had... fled...
  • Is this... all there is?
  • Velen... why?
  • When will it end?
  • Ah, you caught me. Now die!
  • How dare you suggest such a thing!
  • I am trying to listen. Go away!
  • Preposterous! Begone!

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