Forgotten Missive

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Forgotten Missive appears in Hall of the Guardian during N Mage [98 - 110] Finding Ebonchill.[53.91, 49.12]


Forgotten Missive

I am writing to inform you that both Antonius and Decindra, and their apprentices, have chosen to accompany King Thoradin on his quest. The entire company left before dawn so as to not attract attention.

I personally believe they are on a fools' errand but few can say no to the king. At any rate, I believe you can add this to the Annals of the One Hundred. I will keep you information of their progress if I am able.

I will remain in Lordaeron for the forseeable future. I intend to protect this city named after my uncle until I am buried next to him. You can put that in your book as well.


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