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Forsaken Battleguard

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HordeForsaken Battleguard
Image of Forsaken Battleguard
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 120 Elite
Health 706,365
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location Zuldazar
Status Alive

Forsaken Battleguards are guards found atop Dazar'alor in the Great Seal area. After Zul betrayed Rastakhan, several of them killed the Zanchuli Betrayers that appeared in the Great Seal.

They briefly appear in Zuldazar, being targeted by the Alliance. They are also seen aboard a ship on the Great Sea.


  • Shield Slam - Inflicts damage to an enemy, stunning it for 2 sec.
  • Slash - Inflicts Physical damage.

Objective of


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  • I'm busy. Make this quick.
  • What do you need, <race>?
  • This humidity is making my bones sweat. What can I do for you?
  • One thing I'll say about the Zandalari, they know how to build embassies. And this city is huge!
Are you lost?
  • This massive embassy proves that the Zandalari respect our warchief's strength. They should fear it also.
Now, what do you want?
  • You see any Alliance skulking about, you let them know. I'll take care of them.
In the meantime, what are you looking for?
  • Glory to the Warchief! Looking for something?
  • Keep your weapons ready outside of the embassy, <name>. These Zandalari lack the strength and will necessary to maintain control. They need a strong warchief like ours.
Now, what can I do for you?
They're smart.
He claims his device can break any of your equipment into pieces for you to reuse or sell. I was going to take him up on his offer, but this is Horde-issued armor.
The Golden Throne
  • To get to the Golden Throne, you have to take the elevators up from inside the Great Seal.
You getting in good with the royals? What do you think of those headdresses? Those are some strong necks!
Training dummies
  • That's where me and some of the others are heading after our shift. Gotta stay sharp.
It's at the Royal Armory on the north side of Dazar'alor down near the base of the pyramid. You should join us.
Guid master
  • You're looking for Cringely and Ulla. They are having a spirited debate about the Warchief's policies. Of course, Cringely is correct, but Ulla, bless her, is stubborn.
You can't help but find them inside the Great Seal. They're up on the eastern balcony overlooking the gallery.
  • Looking to offload some of those ill-gotten gains? I hear ya. What good is going on campaign if there aren't spoils? Am I right? Or, maybe you just needs[sic] some repairs?
What kind of merchant are you looking for?
Stable master
  • Have you begun to capture the pets this strange land has to offer? Personally, I'm after one of those blood tiki masks, though I'm not sure how the locals will feel about it.
If you're for a stable master, there's a Zandalari calls[sic] himself Beast Handler Kalatak near the northwest base of Dazar'alor.
  • You know, I think I need a new look, too. You're looking for Warpweaver Hayri down near the docks.
To get there, go down to the Grand Bazaar, which is one terrace up from the port. He runs a place on the east side called, The Maelstrom Mercantile.
Sadly, there's no portal to Undercity. Soon, we will have our revenge on the Alliance scum! Genn, Jaina, and King Anduin will pay for their crimes!
Victory for Sylvanas! May her reign as warchief last a thousand years!
Zandalari Emissary
You can find their emissary, Natal'hakata, inside the Great Seal.
Tortollan Seeker Emissary
  • Trying to pry secrets from the tortollan ? It's said they live for ages. Not quite as long as I will, but still, a long time.
In any case, you need to head all the way out to Scaletrader Post, northeast of Dazar'alor. Look for Collector Kojo.

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