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(This is a dead topic, Please do not edit this page!)

N [93] Bonus Objective: Tailthrasher Basin and its kin quests work similarly like world quests, one could say that these were some kind of a prototype of the world quests. Wowhead has these quests without "Bonus Objective" in the quest names (although requirements for achievements are named like this). I suggest:

  1. Move all bonus objectives quests to Quest:<name> (Quest:Tailthrasher Basin).
  2. Add "| type = Bonus objective" to the infoboxes of these quests. (the counterpart for "| type = World Quest"). This, however, isn't listed in wowhead and it would be only a wowpedia thing as wowhead doesn't seem to differentiate between bonus objectives and normal quests.
  3. Add "Category:Bonus objectives" category for all of them. (the counterpart for Category:World quests)
  4. Several bonus objectives quests have different categories, for example the one mentioned above is listed on wowhead as a Tailthrasher Basin quest instead of a Gorgrond quest. If needed, they should be corrected.
  5. Preferably all done with a bot (except the last one, I guess).
  6. Add an acronym through "| type = Bonus objective" so that it would show up next to the quest names.
  7. Since all different version of quests have their own pages, create a page for these objectives. Currently, there's only Bonus Objectives. Templates with the bonus objectives could be placed on the new page. And they continue in Legion as well so it wouldn't be empty.

Thoughts? And what was the reason to include "Bonus Objectives" in the names here in the first place? --Mordecay (talk) 18:32, 5 October 2017 (UTC)

Seems OK to me. Xporc (talk) 19:00, 5 October 2017 (UTC)