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I see we have several pages for recipes. Not the recipe item, but the crafting process, like this one  [Potion of Mogu Power]. Is there any point to having these, in the case where the product has the same name as the actual recipe? Some recipes have different names than the product they produce, as an example  [Wild Jade] and other jewelcrafting recipes does not always have the same name as the product. I could see why those might be nice to have. In the case where recipes are taught by trainers and have no recipe items, the recipe is usually also available on the created item's page, which to me makes most of the (recipe) pages obsolete. If the recipe is already present on the page of the item created and/or the recipe item's page, do we also need pages for the recipes themselves, if they share the name with the product?

--PeterWind (talk) 01:08, 7 February 2016 (UTC)