Fouled Water Spirits

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AllianceFouled Water Spirits
Start Defender Sorli
End Vindicator Corin
Level 19 (Requires 16)
Category Bloodmyst Isle
Experience 1450 EXP (or 9s at level 70)


Kill 6 Fouled Water Spirits and return to Vindicator Corin at Vindicator's Rest.


Most of the creatures touched by the crystals' energy have been corrupted in the same ways: strange marks on their flesh, increased aggression, and small crystal shards in their bodies. However, the fouled water spirits north of here appear to be turning entirely to crystal. I've never seen anything react to the crystals this way before, when we explored the foul pool, they were particularly dangerous. We must get rid of them before the Sunhawks can exploit them as a new source of energy.


You will receive:11s


Well done, <name>. It's important not to overlook any opportunity to deny the Sunhawks sustenance.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


I think they moved this quest giver. So the quest text is quite misleading. The mobs and the Foul Pool are north of Vindicators Rest not Blood Watch. So, from where the quest person is located presently, the elementals are just a bit north of due west on the far side of the island.

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