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HordeFree Ride

110 - 120 (Requires 110)


8,230 (at level 110)


+10 Voldunai


9g 70s (at level 110)


H [110 - 120] Unleash the Beasts and H [110 - 120] Untame Slaughter


Steal the Battle Krolusk mount and return to Meerah.


One thing I've learned during my time in Vol'dun is to not stay in one place for too long. And doubly so when the Faithless are involved.

We've done our damage here. Let's move before we get caught.

I procured a mount to take us back to Meerah and the others in Vorrik's Sanctum quickly. Don't worry, this Faithless won't be needing it anymore.


You will receive:


I'll have some of the vulpera stable that krolusk outside, in case we need to use it again.


On accept:

Kiro says: Hop on the krolusk and let's get out of here before the Faithless send reinforcements!

Mount the Battle Krolusk just down the path behind Kiro and ride it back to Vorrik's Sanctum. The krolusk has a single ability:

Ability heroicleap.png  Rampaging Charge — Rushes forward, trampling anything in front of the caster.

Upon arriving at the sanctum, Kiro runs inside to stand next to Meerah.

Kiro says: That was... surprisingly fun!
Meerah says: Kiro! I'm so happy you're back! Was it scary out there? How'd you get one of their krolusks? Did you name it? Can I name it? Is it nice?
Kiro says: I'll tell you the stories later, Meerah. Let's get our people out of here safely first.

Afterward, the Battle Krolusk can be found stabled outside the sanctum and can be mounted whenever the player wishes.


  1. H [110 - 120] The Missing Key
  2. H [110 - 120] Infiltrating the Empire
  3. H [110 - 120] Allies in Anarchy
  4. H [110 - 120] Make Them Fear Us & H [110 - 120] Ready to Riot
  5. H [110 - 120] Crater Conquered
    1. Side chain: H [110 - 120] Light Up the Gulch
    2. H [110 - 120] Unleash the Beasts & H [110 - 120] Untame Slaughter
    3. H [110 - 120] Free Ride
  6. H [110 - 120] Diplomacy and Dominance & H [110 - 120] Don't Drop It... Yet
  7. H [110 - 120] Vengeance From Above
  8. H [110 - 120] Infuriating the Emperor & H [110 - 120] Relics of Sethraliss
  9. H [110 - 120] The Fall of Emperor Korthek

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