Free at Last

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For the removed Thousand Needles quests, see H [29] Free At Last.
NeutralFree at Last

75 (Requires 74)


26,200 (or 15g 72s at 80)


N [75] Latent Power


Use  [Gavrock's Runebreaker] to free 4 Runed Giants, then return to Gavrock at the Ruins of Tethys.

Provided Item:


The rock shard you imbued should be powerful enough to break the runic magic binding my brothers.

Take it with you and find the runed giants walking north along the Eastwind Shore. Unleash the power stored in the stone and observe the results.

If it works, the runed giants should return to their senses and stop obeying the iron dwarves. If the stone fails to work, the giants may attack in a weakened state. But, what choice do we have? If we do not try, they will remain enslaved without hope.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv sword 113.png [Liberator's Blade] Inv staff 50.png [Branch of the Roaming Spirit]
Inv staff 66.png [Spire of Soaring Rumination] Inv weapon rifle 27.png [Bondsniper]
Inv weapon hand 17.png [Talon of Freedom]

You will also receive: 11g 80s


Were you able to free any of my brothers?


So it's an uncertain thing? I wish it was not a matter of chance, but at least we're on the right path. Without your help, this wouldn't have ever been possible. Should you learn any more about the machinations of the iron dwarves and their plans toward the children of stone, seek us out and we will hear you, <name>.


The runebreaker has a chance of working, much less than 30%. When it fails, the Runed Giant will attack (but with much reduced damage). The runebreaker has a cooldown of 10 seconds. If the mob is still alive when it recycles, you can try again on the same mob. Strategies of kiting, immobilizing, stunning, and "simply let the mob beat on you" are all adequate to keeping the giant alive (even for clothies) while the runebreaker resets.

When freed the giants thank you (several variations):

  • Freed Giant says: I thought I was doomed. Thank you for freeing me.
  • Freed Giant says: You have my gratitude.
  • Freed Giant says: I never thought I'd be free from that terrible spell!
  • Freed Giant says: Thank you, small one.


  1. N [75] Find Kurun! (optional)
  2. H [75] An Expedient Ally (optional)
  3. N [75] Raining Down Destruction
  4. N [75] Rallying the Troops
  5. N [75] Into the Breach
  6. N [75] Gavrock
  7. N [75] Runes of Compulsion
  8. N [75] Latent Power
  9. N [75] Free at Last

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