Free the Dissenters

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NeutralFree the Dissenters
Inkgill Dissenter

87 (Requires 87)




10g 20s


N [87] The Ritual


Rescue the Inkgill Dissenters in Inkgill Mere.


Not all of my fellow villagers from Inkgill are corrupted. Many heeded my warnings and did not drink of the sha-tainted waters.

They are in hiding, terrified, and intimidated by the guards.

Please, tell them there is hope! Go into the village to the north. Speak with them and send them to me.


You will receive: 10g 20s


If we can rescue the dissenters, perhaps we can rebuild somewhere else...


Though we may not seem like much, from these inauspicious beginnings I know we will rebuild. Thank you, friend.


  • 129000 XP


Pick up N [87] Repossession, N [87] My Son..., N [87] Enraged Vengeance, and N [87] The Waterspeaker's Staff before heading out.

Cross to the north over the mere to the far side of the village and start hunting for goods and jinyu. Orachi is on the northern shore, and Wu-Peng is on the north side of the north shore hiding behind a big shell. Feel free to instantly turn in My Son... and pick up N [87] Father and Child Reunion from him, as it is not an escort.

Inkgill Dissenters have any of the following as their gossip:

  • You... you're not one of them, are you? You've got to help me!
  • The lawspeaker[sic] was right... they've gone insane!
  • There's no hope... our people have lost their minds!

Gossip There's still hope - Goral is still alive, to the south. Go!

Followed by one of the following lines:

  • Inkgill Dissenter says: You are very brave... thank you!
  • Inkgill Dissenter says: Gorai lives? I will go find him. Thank you, friend!
  • Inkgill Dissenter says: Thank you, friend... I'll make my way to the south!


Optional breadcrumb: B [87] The Missing Merchant

  1. Complete all of:
  2. N [87] The Ritual
  3. N [87] Cleansing the Mere
  4. N [87] The Fall of Shai Hu

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