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For demon hunters, see N Demon hunter [100 - 110] From Within.
NeutralFrom Within

100 - 110 (Requires 98)


19g 40s (at level 110)


N [100 - 110] Reignite the Wards
N [100 - 110] The Scythe of Souls


N [100 - 110] Fel Machinations
N [100 - 110] Saving Stellagosa


Find Kor'vas Bloodthorn on Faronaar at Vanquish Point.


A few of our demon hunters, Kor'vas Bloodthorn and Cyana Nightglaive, took a small force of the Illidari across to Faronaar. Their mission was to weaken the Legion from within.

I haven't heard from them in awhile.

It would be best if you could find and lead them to success. Agreed?


You will receive: 19g 40s (at level 110)


A friend it would seem.

Kayn did not think we could handle this? He might have been right this time.



Follow the path leading south from Illidari Stand. When you reach a large, ruined building in front of you, turn left and follow it until you reach Kor'vas.

Quest accept
Kayn Sunfury says: I will see to it that the Legion gets no farther.
Kayn Sunfury says: You, Kor'vas, and Cyana attack the Legion from within. Then, we will wipe them out together.
Approach Kor'vas
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: You are no demon. Friend or foe?
Quest complete
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: We will work together to destroy the Legion from within.

After you complete this quest, no follow-up quests will be offered immediately. Kill a few demons, and Kor'vas will offer the next two quests.

When meeting other players on the follow-up quests, their Kor'vas is shown under the generic name "Demon Hunter" with an altered appearance.


  1. N [100 - 110] Paradise Lost
  2. N [100 - 110] Down to Azsuna
  3. N [100 - 110] Into the Fray / N Demon hunter [100 - 110] Into the Fray
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N [100 - 110] From Within / N Demon hunter [100 - 110] From Within
  6. Complete both:
  7. N [100 - 110] Dark Revelations

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