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Frost Wolf (NPC)

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Not to be confused with Frost Wolf (Alterac Valley), Frost Wolf (mob), or Frost Wolf (Warcraft III).
HordeFrost Wolf
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Race Garn (Beast)
Level 90 - 100
Health 20,475
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Frostwolf Orcs
Location Various
Pet family Wolf

Frost Wolves are garn located in Frostfire Ridge, Frostwall, and Nagrand.


  • Femoral Tear - Tears at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage every 1 sec.
Also slows movement speed by 5%.
  • Leap for the Kill - Leaps forward, inflicting Physical damage and stunning enemies for 1 sec. This damage is increased if the target is afflicted with Femoral Tear.

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