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Image of Frosthound
Race Worg (Beast)
Health 20,481
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Frostborn
Location Summoned at Abandoned Camp, Storm Peaks

Frosthounds are white worgs used by the Frostborn dwarves for tracking.[1] During A [80] Sniffing Out the Perpetrator, Alliance players summon a Frosthound with  [Frosthound's Collar] in order to track down Tracker Thulin, who has stolen  [Brann's Communicator] from the Abandoned Camp.

Controlled abilities

  • Ability ensnare.png  Cast Net 40 yd range — Immobilizes a Stormforged Pursuer for 6 sec. (10 sec. cooldown)
  • Spell frost frostnova.png  Ice Slick 30 yd range — Flash freeze the snow in a selected area to slow down Stormforged Pursuers. (20 sec. cooldown)

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