Frostmourne Cavern

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Frostmourne Cavern

Frostmourne Cavern[73, 23] was the cave that held the runeblade Frostmourne before it was claimed by Arthas Menethil. The cave itself was not named until fairly recently, when the Scarlet Onslaught arrived in Northrend and found the cavern. They apparently named it after its obvious historical significance.

In the Alliance quest Frostmourne Cavern, players can see a flashback of the last interactions between Arthas and Muradin Bronzebeard (as originally seen in Warcraft III), with a surprise ending indicating Muradin's survival.


Next to Frostmourne's altar lies Arthas' forgotten hammer [Light's Vengeance] and Muradin's weapons, frozen in the snow. The cave is also teeming with saronite, hinting at a possible connection between the Lich King's power and Yogg-Saron.