Frostmourne Cavern

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Frostmourne Cavern

Frostmourne Cavern[73, 23] is a cave located at the base of the Icecrown Glacier[1] which held the runeblade Frostmourne before it was claimed by Arthas Menethil. It was given its name by the Scarlet Onslaught.[2]

Players can see a flashback of the last interactions between Arthas and Muradin Bronzebeard as originally seen in Warcraft III, with a surprise ending indicating Muradin's survival.[2]


Next to Frostmourne's altar lies Arthas' forgotten hammer [Light's Vengeance] as well as Muradin's weapons, frozen in the snow. The cave is also teeming with saronite, hinting at a possible connection between the Lich King's power and Yogg-Saron.