Fruit of All Evil

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Fruit of All Evil
  • Defeat High Botanist Tel'arn in The Nighthold while all members of the raid are afflicted with Arcane Exposure on Normal Difficulty or higher.

Fruit of All Evil is an achievement earned by defeating the High Botanist Tel'arn encounter in the Nighthold instance while all members of the raid possess the Arcane Exposure debuff, on Normal difficulty or higher.

The debuff is obtained by consuming Mysterious Fruit located around the area of the encounter, around the local vegetation. Doing this grants the debuff, which is removed by either leaving the area or dying. For the achievement, every member of the raid group must consume a fruit and no one must die before High Botanist Tel'arn is defeated.

Arcane Exposure also causes a number of interesting side-effects, including hallucinations which will spawn weak enemies visible to that player only. These effects must be dealt with throughout the encounter, as every raid member will possess the debuff.

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