Fun with Fungus

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AllianceFun with Fungus

Fun with Fungus
Start Exarch Naielle [56.5, 23.5]
End Exarch Naielle [56.5, 23.5]
Level 91 (Requires 90)
Category Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Experience 13850
Reputation +250 Council of Exarchs
Rewards 11g 80s
Previous A [91] Hataaru, the Artificer
Next A [91] Exarch Maladaar


Volatile Spore

Use the Shimmershrooms to safely gather 12 Volatile Spores.


It is our mission as rangari to explore and understand this world. Around you is the Umbrafen. Many draenei lost their lives when we first discovered this place. The volatile spores burst whenever anyone approaches.

But we watched... and we learned.

Around the swamp you'll notice "Shimmershrooms," distinguished by their orange glowcaps. Their dust will make you invisible to the volatile spores. Grab the spores - gently! - and bring them to me.

We will forge this savage world into a weapon.


You will receive: 11g 80s


Remember, unless you are covered in shimmershroom dust, the spores will explode as you get near.


Careful with those... hand them here. Wonderful!

I will have my rangari bury these around the perimeter of Elodor. If the Shadowmoon orcs attack us again, they are in for a nasty surprise!

Draenor is a hostile world, but if we can take the time to learn and understand it, we can turn it to our advantage.

I will finish up here and meet with the Exarch Council shortly. I will be sure to back your proposal.

If Hataaru's quest was done first, Exarch Akama will be here:

Exarch Naielle says: Exarch Akama, how do you plan to vote? I suppose you'll want to wait behind the fortifications of Shattrath and Karabor.
Exarch Akama says: It is wisest to fight where we are strongest.
Exarch Naielle says: If we never leave our city walls, we will never be able to call this world our home.



Pick up A [91] The Sting from Rangari Chel before heading out.

Don't kill the Volatile Spores without having clicked on an orange Shimmerspore mushroom in the Umbrafen. Stay mounted! After interacting with the mushroom, the spores are friendly for 30 seconds. Quickly run around and gather up spores.

At the northern end of the Umbrafen, keep an eye out for Ba'ruun, rare elite fungal giant. It drops  [Ba'ruun's Bountiful Bloom] and 10-20x [Garrison Resources].

After completion of this quest and A [91] Shut 'er Down, Exarch Akama offers A [91] Exarch Maladaar.


  1. A [91] Migrant Workers
  2. A [91] Circle the Wagon
  3. A [91] Invisible Ramparts
  4. A [91] Defenstrations
  5. A [91] The Exarch Council
  6. Complete all of
    • Naielle
    1. A [91] Naielle, The Rangari
    2. A [91] Fun with Fungus
    • Hataaru
    1. A [91] Hataaru, the Artificer
    2. A [91] Shut 'er Down
  7. A [91] Exarch Maladaar
  8. A [91] Trust No One
  9. A [91] Warning the Exarchs
  10. A [91] Speaker for the Dead
  11. A [91] The Traitor's True Name

Optional Garrison Follower conclusion:

  1. A [91] Friend of the Exarchs
  2. A [91] Supply Drop

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