Fungal Behemoth

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MobFungal Behemoth
Image of Fungal Behemoth
Race Fungal giant (Giant)
Level 83
Health 53,681
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Crimson Expanse, Deepholm[71.9, 53.4]

Fungal Behemoths are fungal giants that can be found throughout the Crimson Expanse in Deepholm. Their skin has "gone soft" due to the magic of the stone troggs, and the Stone Lord, Gorsik the Tumultuous fears the infection will spread unless they are killed.


  • Ability creature disease 03.png  Fungal Decay — Coats an enemy in fungus, damaging them and slowing them. This effect decreases over time.
  • Creature sporemushroom.png  Shroom Stomp — Deals X Nature damage to nearby enemies, causing fungal growths to bloom near them.

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