Furthering Knowledge (rogue)

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For other versions, see Furthering Knowledge.
NeutralFurthering Knowledge
Start Filius Sparkstache
End Filius Sparkstache
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Rewards  [Artifact Research Notes]
Previous N Rogue [110] Knowledge is Power


Deliver [Order Resources] to complete a crash course in artifact knowledge.

  • Collect: 500 Order Resources


We've got the skinny on a bit of the artifact power already and I am working an angle to capitalize on it. We've been extorting a group of scribes to put together notes for you, yet they are holding out for a few more resources before they deliver. The good news is that we can squeeze them for a few more courses, but after that it will be back to doing our own research.


You will receive:
Inv scroll 11.png [Artifact Research Notes]


Hey, you know what? If you slip me even more order resources, I can put together more notes about your artifact weapon's history and potential.

You need to power up your weapon, and I can pass along the knowledge to get it done.

Bring me those resources as soon as you can. We've got a business to run here!


These order resources are just the ticket for juicing up your weapon's power.

Here, take these notes. I'm not a big reader myself, but  in this case, it's worth it. That artifact of yours will really get the job done.

Good luck, boss!



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