Fury of Stormrage

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Fury of Stormrage
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  • Fury of Stormrage (2 ranks)
  • Restoration, Tier 3
  • Reduces the mana cost of your Wrath spell by 50/100%, and when you deal damage with your Wrath spell you have a6/12% chance to cause your next Starfire to be instant cast within 8 sec.
Points required


Related buff
Inv staff 90.png
  • Fury of Stormrage
  • Cast time of your next Starfire reduced by 100%.
  • Duration: 8 seconds

Fury of Stormrage is a third tier restoration druid talent that greatly enhances both [Wrath] and [Starfire]. This talent was initially designed to bring in some free damage for the player, while it does have its potential it is often skipped for those who are solely healing.

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