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Image of Ga'trul
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 84
Class Warlock
Health 542,208
Mana 8,726
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Garrosh'ar Point, Jade Forest later Twinspire Keep
Status Killable

Ga'trul was a Horde warlock who took the reins as commander of the fleet in the southern Jade Forest at Garrosh'ar Point, with Twinspire Keep as his main base. The orc grew increasingly paranoid as his time on Pandaria continued, and seemed to have a great disdain for the Forsaken.[1]


When Krug was killed by Alliance forces, Ga'trul took command. His subordinates were Dalgan, and later Bellandra Felstorm, when she arrived along with a battalion of Forsaken Deathguards. He had his men summon imps and even an observer, Xhu'daggab, out of paranoia. When the pandaren refused to trade with him, he grew violent, going so far as to kidnap their children to force them into a trade agreement. These events were all transcribed in his log of the events on Pandaria.

When the Alliance arrived, they confronted him at his base at Garrosh'ar Point, but he escaped after threatening them.[2] He returned to Twinspire Keep, where he continued to lead his forces, until he was challenged in the keep's interior in hectic battle involving the demonic portals he had set up. As defeat loomed over him, he fell into a deep rage, transforming into a sha beast, before finally meeting his end.[3]

Objective of

He appears in the following quests:



  • Fel Blast 60 yd range — The caster hurls a ball of fel energies at their target, inflicting 72 to 88 Shadow damage. 2.6 sec cast. Hits for ~7500 Shadow.
  • Rain of Meteors — The caster readies himself to call down multiple meteors on his enemies. Targets in the area of impact suffer 63 to 77 Shadow damage. 1.73 sec cast.


  • Rejection 60 yd range — The caster hurls raw energies of doubt at the victim, inflicting 36 to 44 Shadow damage. 1.73 sec cast. Hits for 3600 Shadow.
  • Nagging Doubt — The caster calls upon the negative energies of doubt to rise from the land. Enemies caught in the area suffer 18,000 to 22,000 Shadow damage. 2.6 sec cast.


Garrosh'ar Point

By our sweat and your blood, this land WILL be ours!

Twinspire Keep

Alliance "hero." Let's see how you fight without a flying warship to cover your back!


There's something about this land - you don't understand...
Dark gray energy begins to affect Ga'trul...
They defied us - they defied Hellscream's Horde - I should've executed the whole town!
Ga'trul transforms into a Sha!
Burn, Alliance scum! BURN!
This land will be your grave.


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