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Image of Gahk
Gender Male
Race Ogre mage (Humanoid)
Level 70
Class Warlock
Health 6,986
Affiliation(s) Ogri'la
Location Ogri'la, Blade's Edge Mountains

Gahk is a level 70 ogre mage quest giver located at Ogri'la in the contested territory of Blade's Edge Mountains.




Gahk new at Ogri'la like little <race>. It like heaven da other ogres below always talk about. But Gahk's heads hurt from crystal making Gahk smarter.
<Both of Gahk's heads nod to each other.>
Us learning ta make da crystalforged darkrune. When us learn dat, we smash da demon's warp-gate!


Us starting to like little <name>! Yous bashem da demons real good!


Us sure see yous here all da time!
Chu'a'lor say little <race> our hero!
<name> like one of us ogres now. Only, Gahk confused because <name> need to be bigger for dat!

Beginning at Revered, Gahk offers his own particular praise to the player:

  • Gahk says: Look, it <name>!
  • Gahk says: <name> here… we not worry 'bout Burning Legion any more.
  • Gahk says: Little <name> crush all da demons.
  • Gahk says: Da crystals sing da perdy song when little <name> here.
  • Gahk says: <name> da mighty <class> is my little brother/sister!
  • Gahk says: <name>, slay dragon?
  • Gahk says: Da dragons get scared when yous say <name>'s name.
  • Gahk says: Yous all listen ta <name>!
  • Gahk says: We still here cuz <name> help Ogri'la!
  • Gahk says: How <name> today?


  • Gahk is by his own account a warlock,[1] but his character bar displays no mana.

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